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What do you want?  is a small proof of concept game that I made for the Game Makers Toolkit Jam. It's a short platformer, with a built in dialogue tree.  The story is about a teenager having to deal with the death of their father, and the conversation you hear is after the son has started therapy to deal with the loss.

The key is, that you choose what you say based on what platform you land on. I hope to make a game in the future that uses this idea to it's fullest extent, because right now it's just a proof of concept.


  • A & D/Left & Right - Move
  • Spacebar - Jump (hold to jump higher)
  • That's it! Very simple.

This is the first "game" that I've ever created and released, so it's not as polished as I'd like, but I hope to get better with time. Hopefully this idea can inspire a few people!

Written in C++ using the SFML Library.

Programmer: Daniel Cordell (crdlpls)

Music is Bittersweet by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Thanks to CynicalMonkey on Discord for asking me what I wanted to make for the jam, giving me the idea for this game!

Install instructions

To install, download the ZIP file and extract. Then just run the EXE to start the game.


Whatdoyouwant.zip 2 MB


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you can jump on the high answars, you just need to hold jump. (Yeah, I did not realize that on the beginning). Anyways, nice to see something that is not shooting or moving with one key :D

Thanks! I'm gonna add the jumping thing to the list of controls.